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Key People & Advisors

We’ve been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past 10 years.

Abdallah Alaili


Vivan S.

Remote Project Management

Damian Hajduk

Business Development

Patrycja Flügel

Co-founder InkubatorZ

Ewa Ratiuk

Financial Analyst

Wojtek K.

Local Project Management

Andrzej Chomont

Co-founder CandO Capital

Shivam Sethi

Blockchain Developer

Tomasz Krawatka


Founder Divante

Matt Monahan


Founder "The Most Famous Artist"

Startups Teams

Co-founders of the startups


Teams that we rely upon to help us deliver results.


Advertising & Marketing

Perfection Media

Marketing & Design

Startup As Service


Global Vision

We need a better future for all!

What We Offer Startups

Transforming ideas & startups into big businesses takes lots of hard work but is very rewarding.


We hire the best talent, to deliver fast and perfect results

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Design is the interface with user, thus it is very important to us

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Marketing runs in our blood, we make startups reach users.

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Few can manage effectively, that's how we help startups avoid failure.

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Our Startups

A selection of few of the 40+ startups in our current program.

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    MarketingAnts a marketplace for marketing professionals, in Private Beta Stage.

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    MVP/Social/ a community dedicated to cancer awareness, to launch a freemium Help & Support app.

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    Stealth Mode /Social Media/

    Startup in stealth mode, information would be revealed at a later stage.

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    Pre-Alpha /Fintech/

    PaidWiz, a crypto and fiat payment gateway & more.

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    MVP /Education/ Crowdsourcing education.

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    Pre-MVP /AI/

    AnswerZis, Another approach to AI.

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    Pre-MVP /Blockchain/ approach to polling is transparent, building a blockchain for opinion polling.

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    Live & Alpha /Events/ building a platform to connect mentors with entrepreneurs & Expand networking events.

For others it's a game of numbers

For us, we play it all in!

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